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How much does Water Treatment Cost? – Let’s consider the facts

Modern Salt-less vs. Traditional Salt Softeners

The decision to purchase a water treatment system can be a big one. In order to choose the most appropriate water treatment, you must educate yourself. Testing your water is a must. Knowing your water quality and what needs fixing will be your guide to what treatment system is required. Check with regulators to see if the treatment you are considering is even allowed where you live. More and more often salt softeners are being banned on municipal water systems and restricted when there is a on-site septic system. How much does water treatment cost? That of course is a fair question and there is much more to the answer than the price of the treatment system.

More to Consider than cost

Before you try to answer how much treatment will cost let’s take a look at some of other very important considerations often overlooked in water treatment cost;

  • How large is the treatment system and how much space will it take?
  • Will you need room to store salt?
  • Is power and a drain for the waste water (if needed)
  • Will you need to build or change a space for the treatment system. The location of the treatment system must be protected from the elements, direct sunlight and freezing conditions
  • If treatment uses salt, how far will you have to haul the salt from your truck?

Factors Affecting Water Treatment Cost

There is also a lot to consider when it comes to water treatment cost too. Costs include;

  • The treatment equipment or system
  • Installation of the system
  • Space cost – how much space in your home or business is the system going to require
  • Operating costs including power, waste water, salt, chemicals and even media
  • Maintenance – cleaning, adjusting (clocks, cycle times and system control programming) and replacing worn parts

The differences in costs between modern salt-less and traditional salt softeners is very dramatic. Lets compare the two;

  • Salt-less
    • Is smaller size
    • Lower maintenance
    • Lower cost in every comparison
    • Does not require power, a drain or produce waste water
    • No bans or restriction
  • Salt softener
    • Is larger
    • Higher maintenance
    • Higher cost in every comparison
    • Requires power (most) and a drain for salty waste water
    • May be banned or restricted

In conclusion, I’ve put together this nice graphic comparing the most basic costs and differences between Modern Cascadian ICS salt-less treatment and a traditional salt softener when all you are treating is hard water.